The Beginning

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here I am writing my first post- finding myself excited for this new journey as a blogger :)  I have always envied people who have these awesome blogs and have an ability to share what's going on in their lives in a way that is interesting and relatable.  In some ways I hope that my blog can be like that- and yet my goal is not to entertain everyone who crosses my page.  My goal is to treat this page as a creative outlet.  That is something that I have been working on these days as I figure out what this "new" life as a current housewife has for me.  I am stretching my creativeness.  

Last night, I found myself working on 5 different projects at once- attempting to make my new home a somewhat artsy (in a Mindy sort of way) comfortable abode where I can be proud of my newfound craftiness, handiness, and stretch myself in new ways.  It is a work in progress, as is this blog.  Like my projects at home, it is going to be a bit messy as I figure out I want it to look like and how pretty or artsy or creative I want it to be.  

Post one- check.


  1. Welcome to the blog world :-) It's lots of fun to play around with. I have yet to "perfect" the look of all of my blogs after having them for almost 2 years now. lol

    1. Hey! :) I'll have to check out your blogs as well. It is a fun thing, I am looking forward to playing around with it. Did Tim tell you Chris and I ran into him the other weekend? Hope you're doing well!


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