March madness brings April..... gladness???

Saturday, April 12, 2014

When I made this list at the beginning of March,  I knew the month was going to jam-packed, but I really thought that I could make it happen.  Here's what I was working towards-

               go look at (and hopefully) buy the area rug from West Elm - April is the month I can feel it....
               celebrate my sister's big 30 with all sorts of fun all month - success!!
               eat breakfast every day - I'm half crossing this off because I've gotten better, but definitely still need to work on making this happen every day
               read 2 books - YES! I read Bitterblue and Divergent. I loved Divergent (way better than the movie in my opinion)
               try a Yoga class 
               work on project for dad's work 

All in all, 3 out of 6 isn't terrible, but not my best work.  As far as April goes, I don't think making a to-do list full of tasks/must do's, is the motivation that I am looking for this month [and yes I realize we are already halfway through the month- yikes].

Lately, I have felt like I've been in a bit of a slump.  Some days I'll be totally fine, and dominate the day and its craziness... and then the next, I'm dragggggging myself through the day, fighting off insecurities and anxieties.  It's difficult and tiring to keep up with that swing of emotions!  So, what I'd really like to do this month, instead of task oriented goals, is make somewhat of an attitude adjustment and be more intentional about being a happier, more joyful version of myself.

            fight off feelings of insecurity & take advantage of a freer schedule - As a 27 year old housewife, sometimes I feel like a misfit in this world due to society's lame way of judging each other based on what we "do" as a career.  I want to fight against this insecurity and be content with where the Lord has me right now.  And I want to make the best of it by taking the opportunity to help others out/spend some quality time [ways to do this: take mom out to lunch over her spring break from her bible study responsibilities, continue volunteering in Steph's classroom twice a week, be intentional about spending time with my dear friend Tara before she moves]

             be content with the weather................. - ugh.  Even writing that, I struggle not to roll my eyes.  I really really really need Spring to come and STAY.  I can feel my body's lack of Vitamin D, I really need the sun.  But I also really need to be content with what the Lord has provided- even in the cold in April.  I need to adjust this attitude.

             write two letters of appreciation - A big part of being joyful is being thankful, is it not?  This month I want to think less about myself and the concerns, worries, and whatever, and think more about those around me- letting them know that they are loved and appreciated.

            pray over anxious feelings as soon as they pop into my head - for some reason, my prayer life has been seriously lacking lately.  I know that this plays a significant role in seeking joy and peace.

I honestly am really looking forward to working on these things during the last few weeks of April!  My prayer is that it has a significant impact on the level of joy and peace in my life.  Hope your month is off to a great start.



  1. Thanks for this post! I feel like I can really relate as another young housewife/home-maker. I think I equally struggle with my own perceptions of "not working" as much as what I assume others think. I never expected to have a season of life so early on where I stayed home, but I'm trying to see it as the blessing that it can be, and take advantage of that. Still have my days where it seems like there is so much unstructured time that I don't know where to start! haha. But working through my MTH goals is helpful. Good luck with the rest of April!

    1. Thank you sooo much for sharing this!! What an encouragement to know that I am not alone in this struggle! I agree, I had no idea I would be in this season right now. But God is good and we shall learn and grow through it nonetheless, right? One day at a time.... thanks again for sharing, you're a blessing. xo


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