Sun in the Deep Freeze

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I am a Wisconsin girl, born and raised.  I am used to the long winters.  I love snow and all its beauty.  But this winter has been BRUTAL.  We haven't seen the grass since the end of November.  There are gigantic ice chunks that have made their home on our roof (uh oh).  And this is the first time in years, that teachers have had 4 days off due to cold!!  Yikes.  I'm looking forward to the days where I can plan my outfits based on something other than, "Is this sweater thick enough to keep me warm?" or "Should I wear one pair of socks or two?"  Needless to say, I am so ready for this winter to be over.

Although this winter has been rough, there's one thing that has made it much more tolerable.  Usually, I remember winter being cold, snowy, and dreary.  You go to work in the dark, drive home in the dark, and if you're lucky maybe you'll catch a slight glimpse of sunlight through the window at lunchtime.  I mean shoot, that's why so many people struggle in the winter and deal with winter depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It's terrible!  But this winter, although we've had more than our share of snow and freezing temperatures, it has been soo sunny!!!

When I started noticing that the sun was making more appearances, I noticed something interesting.  Every day that the temperatures dipped into the negative digits, the freezing cold was accompanied by the clearest of skies and the brightest sun.  We had a few days in the -20s, and from what I remember, each day the sun was bright and shining!  And the pattern has continued.  Today marks another day in this freezing winter with temperatures in the teens, and the sun is shining so beautifully through my window.  This has been so encouraging.  It warms my heart, my feet (!!), and not to mention my kitty is pretty happy, curled up, napping in the sunshine.  I can't help but praise the Lord for this because it feels like this is God's way of protecting and providing for us in the deep freeze.  Can you imagine how much colder these days would feel if the sun was not out?  It makes such a difference!

As I get ready to bundle up and venture out into the cold, I am choosing to put aside my frustrations with this winter and the eight pairs of socks I am going to want to put on, and instead be oh so thankful for the way that God provides.  I am so thankful for the sun today and the reminder it gives me to praise the Lord for the small ways that He cares for us, like sun in the deep freeze.


  1. I'm not born and bred in Wisconsin, so I'm glad to hear that someone who is feels this winter has been brutal, because I'm going crazy here! I told my husband this morning that my next post was going to be "10 Thing I Love About Winter." I'm stuck at

  2. Usually the freezing temps don't allow for cloud accumulation so that's why it's so sunny and the skies are clear. If it was warmer, the sky would be gray and it probably would be snowing! :-) Even though this winter has been really cold and we haven't been outside as much, I haven't felt like I've been in a winter funk like every other year. It must be the sun!! (or the fact that I've been getting some good quiet times with the Lord). I am looking forward to slightly warmer temperatures where it doesn't feel like the wind is going to cut my face off though. haha


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